Month: November 2016

How Logbook Calculator Works

Logbook Loans offers a service that will allow you to get a quote online before you begin the application process.  We have found that many people have found this calculator valuable in the decision-making process.  It will save you time and aggravation, there is nothing more frustrating than beginning the application process only to find out that you may not be able to afford the payments or are not eligible to receive a loan at all.  The process is very simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes!

Calculate Within Seconds!

There are three key pieces of information that you must have before you receive the quote you are interested in.

  • Know the amount of money that you are planning on borrowing, and enter it into the calculator
  • Enter the interest rate and the terms of you’re the repayment schedule that you have chosen
  • Calculate and see what you qualify for.  This quote will show you a number of your payments according to the repayment plan you have chosen.

Once you have received the result and evaluated what your responsibility will be, you can then decide if this loan is the right choice for you.  To get your quote now please visit now!

Additional Factors

If you have decided to go ahead and apply for the loan, you should have a good understanding of the information we use in order to determine if you are an acceptable candidate for the loan.  Our loans are generally based on the worth of the vehicle you are using as collateral.  Our clients can receive between fifty to seventy percent of the value of their car, van, or motorcycle.  We pride ourselves on protecting our clients and we are obligated to make sure that you have the income necessary to cover the repayment of the of the loan.

Poor Credit is Not a Factor

A good percentage of our clients have found themselves in a situation where their credit is not as good as they would like it to be.  At Logbook Loans we understand that this cycle is very hard to break.  By using your vehicle for collateral we are able to provide a secure loan which minimises the risk of losses to the company.   It is because of this we can extend a loan to those with poor credit.  Being able to provide this service to those who find themselves in an unexpected situation is our purpose.

With Logbook Loans Calculator you will be able to make an informed decision about the loan you are interested in.  As always we strongly urge you to research all of the options available to you before making your final decision.  The calculator is quick and easy to use and will give you the ability to see what your payments will be before you begin the application process.  Please contact us today with any questions you may have, our staff is available and ready to assist you right now!